Explore Entrepreneurship

Exploratory Projects

Learn and develop entrepreneurial skills in a low-risk, collaborative environment.

in partnership with Social Enterprise Strategy

Social Enterprise Strategy (SES) provides business and strategic acumen to those venturing within the social enterprise field.


How it works

Recruitment & Team Formation

We’ll select and form teams based on common interest and diversity of skills. Express your interest by clicking in the button below.

Design Thinking: Defining the Problem and Solution

We’ll facilitate workshops using Design Thinking methodology to explore and narrow down problems. Then, we’ll co-create potential solutions.

Business Model: Define the Social Action Model

We’ll adopt Business Model Canvas and other methodologies to define and prototype the feasibility of the solution.

Iterative Design: Test & Learn

We’ll define an action plan, focused on measuring results and pivoting if needed.

Bootstrapping: Moving from Idea to Reality

We’ll investigate how to build the resources needed to transform the solution in a sustainable social enterprise.


What is the selection criteria? No previous experience or knowledge are required. Candidates will be selected based on interest, availability, and effective team work styles.

How is it delivered? We’ll organize a series of  workshops and facilitate the development of the project by the team.

What is the time commitment? It may vary depending on each project. We anticipate  a minimum of 4h / month for 3 months.  However,  the real commitment will be defined by the the team at the start of the project. 

Is there a cost to attend the the workshops? No at this moment. 

What about the rights and Intellectual property of the solution? We’ll adopt an open data approach to the ideas and projects co-created by the team. No exploitation rights are given to any individual participant.